“The Un/Executed Renaissance” Reviewed by Krytyka

“The Un/Executed Renaissance” Reviewed by Krytyka

Natalia Kanashko

Bohdan Tokarsky’s “The Un/Executed Renaissance” reviewed in Krytyka

Bohdan Tokarsky’s “The Un/Executed Renaissance: Ukrainian Soviet Modernism and its Legacies” reviewed by Natalia Kanashko in Krytyka.

“Through thoughtful and cautious redefinition, Bohdan Tokarsky’s essay offers a pointed perspective on the Ukrainian modernist culture between 1917 and 1933 (“the long 1920s”). He introduces the term “Ukrainian Soviet modernism” as the lens which both limits the discourse to a very particular spatial and temporal frame, and allows one to approach the subject from a diverse set of perspectives. Tokarsky aims to put the focus on the period that has long been a blind spot in the study of Ukrainian modernism, early Soviet culture and modernism at large, and which the researcher sees as deserving of a critical and renewed analysis.”


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