”European Times – A Transregional Approach to the Societies of Central and Eastern Europe (EUTIM)“ is a joint project of the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), the University of Potsdam, and the Berlin-based Forum Transregionale Studien. It is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research since 2021.

European University Viadrina

The Viadrina is situated in the heart of Europe. Internationality is its trademark; its students and instructors hail from over 100 countries. It should come as no surprise that students have the opportunity to take foreign language courses at the university’s language center and study or complete internships abroad.

Since the reopening of the Viadrina in 1991, the European University has developed into an internationally renowned location on the German-Polish border, with approximately 6,000 students currently enrolled. European and international aspects of law, economics, and culture play a special role in degree plans offered by our faculties of Law, Business Administration and Economics, and Cultural Sciences.

The learning environment at the Viadrina is excellent, and features small class sizes, direct contact with academic staff, personalized student services, internship opportunities, and career planning assistance. The Viadrina provides an atmosphere where students can prepare for their exams in peace, graduate in a timely manner, and prepare for their entry into professional life. The lives and work of Viadrina students cross borders and create a climate of internationality and understanding – which is Europe at its best.

University of Potsdam

With 22,000 students and seven faculties, the University of Potsdam, founded in 1991, is the largest institution of higher education in Branden¬burg. It is also the only institution training teachers in the state. Seven faculties form the pillars of the university: the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Human Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, the Digital Engineering Faculty – jointly established by the University of Potsdam and the Hasso Plattner Institute – the Law Faculty, and the Faculty of Health Sciences in cooperation with the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU) and the Brandenburg Medical School “Theodor Fontane”.

Its research focuses on earth and environmental sciences, evolutionary and systems biology, cognitive sciences, and data sciences. The university is closely interconnected with the research institutions in Potsdam and the region. Its consistent internationalization strategy contributes to making Potsdam an attractive location for young scientists from Germany and abroad.

Forum Transregionale Studien

The Forum Transregionale Studien is a platform for the international cooperation between scholars of different expertise and perspectives on global issues. It provides scope for exchange on questions of science policy, epistemology and ethics, and develops infrastructures and formats that allow transregional research ideas and projects to be tested, implemented and communicated.

The Forum is constituted by its members and the diversity of their research expertise and networks. It is committed to strengthening regional studies and to the principle of non-hierarchical research. It appoints scholars from around the world as fellows and engages in joint research programs and initiatives with partners from universities and research institutions in and outside Berlin. The Forum is funded by the State of Berlin.