Natalya Domina

Natalya Domina

Research Fellow




Natalya Domina is a doctoral student in Comparative Literature at Western University, Canada. Her research interests include 20th century Ukrainian literature, post-soviet novel, post-structuralism, utopia/ dystopia. Natalya holds a BA and MA degree in Ukrainian Literature and Comparative Literature from Kyiv-Mohyla academy.

Research Project: Temporality and Spatiality in Ukrainian Post-Soviet Novel

If soviet ideology was defined by temporality, post-soviet condition is all about spatiality: territorial gains and losses, borders and frontiers, centers and peripheries, deconstruction of old spaces and construction of the new ones. In contrast with the previous era, the post-soviet one can only dream of continuity but instead is bound to deal with fragmentation. In a broader sense, I explore the relationship between time, space, and text. Particularly, I analyze how Ukrainian post-soviet narratives configure the concepts of time and timelessness, border and frontier, center and periphery, as well as (dis)location of the self and how it is reflected in aesthetics of those narratives. To put it differently, I explore how deconstruction of soviet space relates to construction of Ukrainian post-soviet narratives. What are the texts on space and what is the space of those texts?