100th Anniversary of Ukrainian Formalism: EUTIM Spring Conference – Opening Panel on Russia’s War in Ukraine

The aim of the EUTIM spring conference (28–30 April 2022) is to examine Ukrainian formalism as an approach to literary critique of the 1920s and to address its legacy in contemporary Ukrainian literary studies. At the same time, the topic of “Ukrainian formalism” also ought to be considered in the wider framework of the development of Formal theory in other East European countries between World War I and World War II (the Polish and Czechoslovak cases). This could help us distinguish the specific national features in the theoretical perspectives and in ways of cultural thinking. Due to the current situation, the conference launches with an opening discussion on the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the future of Slavic and Eastern European Studies. The conference is convened by Galina Babak (EUTIM Fellow / CAS), Vitaly Chernetsky (University of Kansas) and Andrii Portnov (European University Viadrina / Prisma Ukraïna).

Please find the conference program here.