Reading and Discussion Sun 8 May 2022 | 18:00

Threatening Poetry

Curated and presented by EUTIM-Fellow Daryna Gladun (UKR)

Zoom-Event with Ghayath Almadhoun (GER/SWE/SYR), Ramunė Brundzaitė (LTU), Kateryna Hodik (UKR), Aneta Kamińska (POL), Eka Kevanishvili (GEO), Artis Ostups (LVA), Lesyk Panasiuk (UKR), Kaur Riismaa (EST), Alexandru Vakulovski (MDA), Lyuba Yakimchuk (UKR)

Multilingual readings and discussions in English

A joint event between Literarisches Colloquium Berlin and Haus für Poesie

Through poetic devices, conciseness, note-taking or semantic exploration poetry is capable of responding immediately to ongoing events. This also has been the case with the Russian aggression against Ukraine that started in 2014 and has turned into a full-scale invasion on February 24. What impacts do wars and existential risks have on poems, their imagery, style and form? What happens to the writers and their writing? And what do poets affected need from those who can provide it?

At the invitation of Daryna Gladun, poets from states under attack or under threat by Putin’s regime will explore these questions in a Zoom event, not only in their work but also in an open discussion. Moreover, advancing poets will provide an insight into the diverse and vibrant Ukrainian poetry scene.

Daryna Gladun is a EUTIM-Fellow, poet, performer and translator. Her first book of poems Рубати дерево [To cut the tree] examines national myths and her own family history with the approaches of eco-poetry, her second volume ІЗ ТІНІ КРАСИВИХ ЧЕРВОНИХ ХЛОПЧИКІВ [FROM THE SHADOW OF HANDSOME RED BOYS] works with blackening as a form of censorship and self-censorship and deals with the borders and the in-betweens, the utterable areas of experience in the former Soviet republics with a totalitarian past and what is left out.

Livestream for free at Literarisches Colloquium Berlin. More information about the event is available here.